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  1. Unicorn Hair Bundle

    Release your inner Unicorn with our unicorn hair bundle! Purple, Teal and Pink PLUS pasteliser for the pastel hair of your dreams. Mix it up, find your look, be bold, be colourful!

  2. Bold 2 Colour Bundle

    Choose your favorite two colours for a funky new look or you can double up and save on one colour for long or thick hair.

  3. Bold & Pasteliser Bundle

    Bright semi-permanent colours packed with naturally nourishing ingredients for happy, healthy coloured hair. Add Bold Pasteliser for pretty pastel tones.

  4. Bold Pasteliser

    For pastel colours and more muted shades, mix your Bold Colours with Bold Pasteliser for happy, healthy, pastel coloured hair.

  5. Bold Green

    A rich green for fresh matcha hair or mix with Bold Pasteliser and go mad for minty shades. 

  6. Bold Teal

    Release your inner mermaid with rich teal hair or mix with Bold Pasteliser for pastel aqua tresses.

  7. Bold Blue

    A vivid cobalt blue shade or mix with Bold Pasteliser for an icy pastel blue.

  8. Bold Purple

    Rock a vibrant violet in your hair or mix with Bold Pasteliser for cool lavender locks.

  9. Bold Pink

    Bright and vibrant pink for flamingo-like hair or add Bold Pasteliser for baby pink tones.

  10. Bold Rose Gold

    Blushed golden hues are the colour of the season, turn heads with jewellery-toned hair. 

  11. Bold Orange

    A fiery vibrant orange to heat up your hair. Try mixing with Bold Pasteliser for a peachy pastel hue. 

  12. Bold Fuchsia

    A vibrant fuchsia with warm reddish undertones, packed with pigment for bright berry-like colour. 

12 Items

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