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Colour selection is a crucial step to achieving a result you're besotted with. Our colour selector will help you get your permanent colour selection right first time. Well, it will as soon as our developers have finished working their magic. Watch this space for our colour selector COMING SOON.

In the meantime, here are our top tips on how to select your perfect shade.

How To Select Permanent Hair Dye

How to select your perfect permanent hair dye

Tints of Nature permanent shades will take your hair any shade darker and will lift your hair by one shade. To find your perfect Tints of Nature colour follow these easy steps:

1. Using our natural shade range as a guide (1N to 10N), select a colour that best represents your natural hair colour. You can see our colour swatches here.

2. Choose any colour within that shade level, any shade darker, or up to one shade lighter. For example:

  • If 5N is your natural shade or close to, you can use any colour within the 5 range or darker.
  • If you want to lift your hair by one shade you can use 6N. Due to the gentle nature of our colour formulations, hair can only be lifted by one shade.
  • To achieve a higher lift you will need Tints of Nature's ammonia-free 3-in-1 Lightener Kit, suitable for medium brown to blonde hair.

Shop permanent hair dye now for your perfect shade.

Best Natural Semi Permanent Hair Dye

How to select your Henna Cream semi-permanent hair dye

Tints of Nature semi-permanent Henna Cream shades are perfect if you're looking for a temporary colour change, looking to experiment with a new shade or add depth to your existing colour.

Henna Cream shades are not capable of lifting the colour of your hair, but are designed for staying on your current base shade or for going darker. It's easy to find your perfect shade with Tints of Nature colour:

1. Simply choose any colour that's similar in depth, or darker, than your natural or pre-coloured hair and enjoy! But remember, Henna Cream semi-permanent hair dye won't lighten. So, if you have dark brown hair and you choose Golden Brown or Golden Blonde Henna Cream, all you'll get is lovely shiny hair. You won't see any colour change. 

It's as easy as that!

If you want to lighten your hair go for a permanent hair dye or pre-lighten your hair with our ammonia-free Lightener Kit before colouring.

Best DIY Hair Dye

We're always here to help

Whether you're dyeing your hair yourself for the first time, or you're a seasoned DIY hair dye pro we're here to help. 

Our live chat is available in office hours and we always love hearing from you over the phone or email as well. 

If you're after a super-bright vibrant colour or on-trend pastel hue you can read all about our Bold Colours in this helpful blog.

You can also check out our tip tips which cover everything from how to cover stroppy grey hairs, to how skin test.