Hand sanitiser production ramps up!

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100,000 plus hand sanitiser units shipped in 3 weeks. 20,000 tonnes manufactured.

No rest for hair colour company, Tints of Nature, as they switch their production lines from making hair colour and hair care products to hand sanitisers.

On the 24th March the concept became reality and within 3 weeks 102,000 units had already being shipped. With another 40,000 units leaving the manufacturing facility on Monday 27th April 2020.

As a product in high demand due to COVID-19, the need for an effective hand sanitising product continues to be the driving force, in helping Tints of Nature survive this crisis, help key workers and keep staff employed.

"As you can imagine getting hold of denatured ethanol which forms the base of the hand sanitiser has been quite a challenge, but we have remained selective when finding the right supplier.” comments Raoul Perfitt, Managing Director, Herb UK Ltd (Parent company of Tints of Nature).

Working together with family-owned distiller William Grant & Sons, we were delighted to receive enough quality supply, some 12,000 litres, to continue our production. In fact, a big cheer went up from the Team when the delivery arrived! It just goes to show that when the right people stand together, great things happen.”

William Grant & Sons has adapted its distilling technology and skills to produce about five million litres of ethanol, equating to at least 13.5 million 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser.

Tints of Nature continue to donate hand sanitisers to key workers within the local Lymington area.

Over 300 units have been supplied to Lymington Hospital, Lymington midwives and the Lymington fire station.

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