6 top tips for how to grow long hair

6 Top Tips For Long Hair

We’ve all been there. You want to grow your hair out but it feels like nothing is happening. It’s like watching paint dry! Because as amazing as it would be, hair doesn’t magically grow inches overnight. It’s a delicate balance between stimulating new growth and protecting the hair you have.  

Here’s everything you need to do to achieve the lusciously long locks you want.  

1. Get regular trims. 

You might be thinking “no way that’s the opposite of what I want”. But actually, it is really important to get rid of dead ends. Otherwise, split ends will split up the hair shaft and cause breakage – which will only make your hair look shorter and thinner. (Not ideal!)  

2. Stimulate the scalp.

When washing your hair, treat yourself to a little head massage. Not only is it super relaxing, but it will also increase blood flow, stimulate those hair follicles and encourage growth.  
If you have a sensitive scalp or are prone to irritation, our specialised scalp treatment is a game changer. It uses gentle and natural ingredients to soothe and restore instantly. 

3. Take your vitamins.  

Hair, like anything, needs the right nutrients to grow. The best way to make sure your hair is getting the food it needs is by taking a daily supplement. Our vegan friendly and cruelty free our Rep-Hair Hair and Nail supplements are packed full with natural goodness like vitamin B12, biotin and horsetail, which powerfully work to strengthen hair, nails and bones as well as support your immune system and the natural maintenance of your hair. 

4. Do regular treatments.  

The healthier your hair is, the better it will look and the less likely you are to experience breakage. Try and do a hair treatment once a week or once a fortnight. Hair feeling dry or damaged? Try our nourishing hydrate treatment. Or weak and snaps off? Try our award-winning protein packed structure treatment.  

5. Lay off the heat. 

Using heated tools will take its tole! So, try to avoid using heat every day. And when you do always use a heat defence spray. 

6. Protect from damage.  

The way you wear your hair can prevent damage. Try to avoid tight hairstyles and using softer hair ties or a scrunchie. And mix up your hairstyles so you aren’t putting constant pressure on one area of your hair.  

Follow these tips and you are well on your way to your dream hair. You're welcome! 

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