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  1. Buy 2 Lightener or Highlight Kits and Save
  2. Bold Plus Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

    Rock your brightly coloured tresses for as long as possible and save with our Bold & Hair Care bundle!

  3. Unicorn Hair Bundle

    Release your inner Unicorn with our unicorn hair bundle! Purple, Teal and Pink PLUS pasteliser for the pastel hair of your dreams. Mix it up, find your look, be bold, be colourful!

  4. Bold 2 Colour Bundle

    Choose your favorite two colours for a funky new look or you can double up and save on one colour for long or thick hair.

  5. Bold & Pasteliser Bundle

    Bright semi-permanent colours packed with naturally nourishing ingredients for happy, healthy coloured hair. Add Bold Pasteliser for pretty pastel tones.

  6. Mini Duo

    A mini duo of Hydrate Shampoo 70ml & Hydrate Conditioner 70ml in travel friendly bottles.

  7. Buy any 3 Permanent Hair Dyes
  8. Special Promo: 50% off Shampoo and Conditioner

    Buy any two colours and get 50% off a shampoo & conditioner

  9. Buy any 3 Henna Cream and get Hydrate Conditioner Free
  10. Buy any 3 Henna Cream Hair Dyes

10 Items

per page
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