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Treat your hair with Tints of Nature Care range; enriched with natural and organic ingredients for your happiest, healthiest hair, naturally.

The colour-safe formulas are perfect for protecting and maintaining coloured hair but are also perfect for those who don't choose to use hair dye!

Choose from a range of treatments to tailor your hair care regime and give your locks a hydration boost with the award-winning Hydrate shampoo and conditioner. There's even supplements to strengthen your hair and nails.

Try Tints of Nature's Care range today for your healthiest hair yet.

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  1. Special Promo: 50% off Shampoo and Conditioner

    Buy any two colours and get 50% off a shampoo & conditioner

  2. Hydrate Bundle

    Save $13.99 with the Tints of Nature Hydrate Bundle - the perfect treat for dry and damaged hair. Start with the Hydrate shampoo to cleanse, treat with Hydrate Treatment for an instant moisture boost and finish off with Hydrate Conditioner for ...

  3. Buy any 3 Henna Cream and get Hydrate Conditioner Free

    Buy any 3 Henna Cream hair dyes and get a FREE Hydrate Conditioner 

  4. Healthy Hair Bundle

    Save $4.48 with our exclusive bundle for restoring your hair to it's best possible condition using our unique Structure Treatment alongside our Rep-Hair™ Hair and Nail Supplements. 


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